Friday 20th February // Marathon Training

I have had a pretty busy week this week so haven’t been able to get down the gym but I managed to get out yesterday for a run. I went out for an hour an racked up another 6 miles. O can definitely feel myself getting stronger and I am going to aim to hit 10miles by end of next week hopefully. Or at least beat 8.5miles from last Sunday’s run. I am eating a lot healthier now, but still could eat a lot better so hopefully that will be the case as of the coming weeks. I have 5 weeks tomorrow till half marathon in Colchester. I am looking forward to finishing that and then can focus solely on the marathon. Also went in a sports shop the other day and they had a Karrimor trainer machine. You stand on it bare foot and it tells you which trainers would suit you best. These were the options


Has anybody any experience with these trainers? Not sure if to give them a whirl or not? They’re not massively expensive, but don’t know if to go and have a proper fitting. Anyways here’s my run from yesterday and will post on the next run.


Tuesday 17th Feb // Marathon training

So after my 8.5mile run on Sunday I had Monday as a rest day. I was going to use Tuesday as a core/strength session at the gym but it was such a lovely day out I decided to go for a little run instead. I encountered some problems though. Straight away I noticed my legs definitely went recovered from Sunday’s run. They felt tight, tired and achy. I took it slow but when I got to 2 miles my knees started to feel very weak. Not painful but like they didn’t want to hold up for much longer on that run. I decided to stop after 2 miles and walk back home. That way I had still done a little run and I was also out in my feet for a fair amount of time. I am going to attack 10miles this weekend so going to do a couple days of gym training and light running before that. I don’t want to injure myself again now do I.



My Sunday Run // last day of base training.

So as I mentioned earlier that I will post my run today. I went out and felt pretty good. I accidentally stopped my run at 8miles on my nike app. But then restarted it for the last little bit (0.45m). I felt really good and was nice to run through the forest. I am feeling a lot more confident for my half marathon in 6 weeks after that run. I mentally felt better and physically. I find it So much easier during the day than at night when it’s a lot colder. I am going to aim for 10 miles next week as I felt I could have probably have gone for another 15 mins and done the 10 today. I was slightly tiring so didn’t want to over exert myself today. I am averaging at around 10min miles which I am more than happy with. Hopefully I would have lost a little bit of weight by the half marathon so that makes things a little easier too. Especially up hills (I hate hills). Going to try the KT Tape next payday too and see what all the fuss is about ;)



Marathon update

Sorry it’s been a while again since the last post. As of Monday my official Marathon training begins. I have been going to the gym the last 2 weeks to build up some strength in my stomach and legs along with some cardio. I have been monitoring my runs. But haven’t done any long ones for a while. I am going to go out this afternoon for my longest run yet so I will post about that soon. But for now I am just going to throw up a few runs from the gym and a 4.65m which saw me hit my fastest mile and fastest 5k. Still loads of speed to gain and also distance. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will notice the difference in mileage.
On another note People have been recommending me KT Tape when going to hit my long runs. What’s everyone’s thoughts on this? Do it help? Would be great to hear some info on it all. Might get some in the coming weeks to test out.
I’ll write up my long run later too. Cheers.






Back running // Marathon Update

So the last time I wrote on here I had injured my calf. Since then I had also pulled a shoulder/neck muscle and found it hard to do anything. But I am all fixed now! I have also joined a Gym too so I can start building up those leg muscles to get used to the long road runs coming up. I have 2 weeks today till the real training starts so I am going to be getting as much base training till then in as I can. I done a 3 miler on the treadmill yesterday along with some weights. But my last road run was on the 28/01/15 where I notched up a 4 mile in 41mins. The evening and the cold don’t help with my pace at the moment, so I think weekends [daytime] are going to be my long runs and weekdays [evenings] will be either gym sessions, short fast runs or an NTC or insanity session. Hopefully building up the mileage before My half marathon in a couple months. My diet is also becoming better and booze will be completely off the cards after this weekend (as this weekend is my engagement party I think i will have a few) so hopefully the weight drops, the fitness increases and the mileage becomes a lot easier. How’s everyone else doing on there training? Hopefully bit better than me. Speak soon!! .


Update on Marathon Base training.

So In the new year its been a little difficult to get out and do as many runs as I would have liked too. The week before last I got a couple of 2 and 3 mile runs in but last week I went to go out on Tuesday and during a little warm up I felt my Calf go. It is still not in a good shape to go for a run, which is very frustrating. I have a half marathon booked in for Colchester on March 29th So will need to get in some serious training over February.

My actually 16 week marathon training kicks off on 16th February so I am looking forward to getting that underway and hopefully I don’t get any more injuries. I think it may be due to my trainers not being right for me. Once I have some money to afford to get a proper fitting I will do.

If anyone has any advice on this please do send me a message!

Thanks again for grabbing a read and when my full training is in swing this blog will start picking up and have more regular updates!

Little jog // Marathon base training.

So over Christmas it’s been pretty hard to get out for a run. It has been 6 days since my Xmas eve run an I decided to just get out for 15-20 mins this morning. This is the first time this year that I’ve run with icy conditions and freezing cold air. It was tough. I only did 1.63miles today in 17 mins. But I struggled. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and my warm up was pretty shoddy so that didn’t help. I mentally didn’t want to do it, so I think all of these aspects together added to a poor run. But at least I got out ay ;)