Marathon Training // 17th March


My next run after that 10miler at the weekend! I still didn’t feel fully recovered but used this as a recovery type run. I decided to hit around 40mins. By the end my run my ankle was sore and I felt right in my calfs! I still managed sub 40mins for 4 miles which I am happy with. I hopefully am going to try Beaty 10miles this weekend dependant on how tired I am. I have a super busy weekend and guessing I am not going to get much rest so might be too tired to attempt a 10+ miler. The following weekend is the half marathon so will be tough. I  not looking forward to that at all. Wish me luck !

Marathon Training // Crisis!


So if you have been following me of late, you will know that I am training for the Edinburgh Marathon! Which is on 31st May. I got a place without a sponsor around November time. After a little thought I decided I wanted to raise some money doing this for Crisis. I have no target to reach, so no stress there, but I am trying to raise as much as I can for the Crisis fund. They do a lot to keep people off the streets. It’s mad how much money we raise for other countries but we won’t put the money in to help our country. I’m not saying we shouldn’t help other countries out in need, as we definitely should. But when we have the starving and homeless in our own communities I can’t see how we don’t step up. I, like most people in the UK forget how lucky we are to have shelter and 3 meals a day. So I thought I would try raise some cash for the good guys who try stop the poverty in our own country “Crisis”. 

I never contacted them, I just set up a just giving page ( ) to try raise a little bit of cash for them. They contacted me via my email ( I am guessing through just giving ) and have sent me out a vest to wear on the day! Pretty chuffed to receive it yesterday. 

So hopefully I can raise a few more pennies for Crisis before the big day and make it all the worth while to go through this pain. 

Can’t wait ;) 

If you do have any spare cash. However little. It would be great to see a donation HERE 


Marathon Training // 14th March


so the 10miler! The longest run I’ve done so far! How did it go? Well I am pretty pleased with it. I started pretty strong. Again getting my fastest 5km (even if it was only by 1sec) I also knocked time off my fastest 10km. Which I now finished under 1hr. 

So I did completel my 10miles. It wasn’t too pleasant if I’m completely honest, but this is new to me and mentally is where I struggle to get through runs. I did walk a little bit I must admit. But I only stopped the app when I stopped to take my gels (twice) the rest of the time I kept the clock ticking whilst walking so I could get a true time. I still managed to complete the 10miles in under 10min a mile pace which I’m very happy with. Even though I started my first 4 miles at 9:10 pace. the latter miles (8-10) I walked a little bit due to a hill, which wasn’t nice. I was gonna try go for another mile or 2 but I decided to grab a breather at 10 miles and drink and that quick stop and walk killed me. Legs tightened up, ankles felt heavy. So as I wasn’t far from home I decided to knock it on the head there and walk/ cool down home. I have 2 weeks till my half marathon and now that I’ve hit double figures I feel confident in completing that now. BRING ON THE FULL MARATHON. NOOOOOT!! 

Rest tomorrow for Mother’s Day me thinks ;) 

Marathon training // 13th March


I am preparing for my biggest run tomorrow. I went for a 4 mile run today. During the week (Tuesday) I also done a 3 mile run at the gym. Today’s run, was pretty good. Again got my quickest 5km today 

I again took screen shots of my nike app at specific miles to get more of a feel how my speed  throughout my race .

I pushed my mileage speed today and really  knocled some time off my 4 mile time. 

I will keep you updated tomorrow how my potential 10miler goes. 

Marathon training // 7th March


Todays run.  Well last night I went out (didn’t drink). I got in at 4am and was up this morning at 9am. It got to 1pm and I thought I best hit a run. I was planning this weekend to be my biggest run yet. But before the run I was so tired. I still went out and tried to go as far as I could. I also got my KT tape through the post that I thought I would try out on my knees. It was seeming to work. My knees felt good, lower back felt good. It was just purely my tiredness today that stopped me from hitting my longest run to date. I did do 6.22miles though. It also turned out to be my fastest 10km which I was happy about. 

As I thought i would stop at any minute I decided to screen shot every so often  so I could get a reading of my pace throughout. I was pretty pleased up to 3miles. After that I was struggling and running a little slower. 

At around 5.5miles I decided I needed some drink. I ended up downing what was left in my bottle. BAD CHOICE!! It sat in my stomach and building up to my fastest 10km (which I was well aware I could beat so upped my speed) I felt very sick! I also tried one of those gels out. This didn’t help! It tasted horrible and although it probably gave me the boost to hit up the full 10km, I am sure it was a part of why I stopped. I felt sick and tired. At 10km I decided to take the last 0.4miles to cool down and take a slow jog in to a walk. Which has TURNT out to be the best idea ever as i feel great. No aches no tightness, nothing. I am hopefully going to get out again tomorrow but probably for a 4-5miler. If my day goes to plan. 

I have 3 weeks till the half marathon so I need to up my game big Time

Over the coming weeks. 

Marathon Training // 3rd March


I decided to hit the roads again on Tuesday evening to continue to break in the new trainers. Again it was a lot more comfortable on my lower back. My knees felt better too. Towards the end of the 4 mile run I could feel my calf a bit tight. But nothing major. I am feeling a lot more comfortable running now getting mentally and physically stronger. This run saw my fastest kilometre, mile, and 5k times. I am even noticing some weight loss which is great and will only help my progress. I am starting to eat a lot better and avoiding alcohol and crap fizzy drinks. I am weirdly looking Forward to my half marathon at the end of the month! Probably won’t nearer the time. I am hopefully Going to hit double figures in mileage one day soon. 

Marathon training // 1st March


decided to ease in my new trainers today! I was told not go for a massively long run on your first one. So decided to hit up a 4 mile run trough the forest. They definitely felt better for my lower back.y knees were still a little funny whilst running but think that’s due to needing to get used to them. Very happy with them. I done the 4 miles in 38minutes. So I am happy about that timings. Still undecided whether to go out tomorrow or not as Monday’s are my rest day but I’ve had a bit of a bad week in terms of mileage this week. I’ll decide tomorrow ;)