Marathon Training // April 17


after my 6 miler on Sunday I then got a tooth infection ( not due to the run lol )   I had a lot of pain with it for a good few days. It wasn’t till Friday when I thought I best get back out there and running. So I took to the roads to see how far I could get. I took a few gels and water with me then hit the roads. I wasn’t too sure how I’d be after being in bed for the previous few days and also it wasn’t ( and still isn’t) fully better. I for some stupid reason went super fast on the first mile which done me in for the next 2 but I wasn’t trying too much for a speedy run. Mainly was to get out, so I slowed it down a notch an continued to rack the miles up. In the end I managed another half marathon. But it was still very much like the previous one. My knee was done. I literally walked last 1/4 mile. It has started to panic me now that I won’t be able to finish the marathon. With 6 weeks left I now need to push in to 15-18 miles really as need / want to hit around 22 miles before I start tapering off (in 3 weeks). Lots of work still needing to be done. Let’s have our fingers crossed 


Marathon Training // 12th April

so after that (horrific) half marathon run mid week I took 3 days recovery to get my legs back in shape. Sunday I decided to do a recovery run. I went moderate pace and done 6 miles in just under an hour.


 I had little knee/ankle pain but still didn’t feel 100%. I got round nicely and in the end was happy to get out. I am planning on going for another long run Friday where I am hoping to try get up to 15miles. I am getting in some

Valuable rest for it as I believe my legs do struggle to recover quickly. We will see how I get on Friday. 

I have also been reading a lot online about short walks in long runs to improve your overall time. I am going to try this on Friday too. I read that to give your self a little 30sec walk every 10mins or so is good at getting your recovery up mid race an also keeping to pace speed. It also apparently is good for your legs and won’t tire them out as quick. So could be exactly what I need to help my knees. I am planning on doing a 30sec walk at every mile and see how I get on. I do struggle to run continuously and I think if I deliberately have walks at every mile it will mentally break things up as well as physically. I can take it 1 mile at a time instead of oh my god I still have 10 miles left etc. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes ;) of stone has experience of the walking frequently method then let me know. Be keen to ear your thoughts. 

Marathon Training // 9th April


So since my half marathon at Colchester I have realised the marathon is going to cause me great pain! Its been a roller coaster 10days since that race. I finished that half marathon on a high. I felt that I had done it and it would all be progression from then onwards. I decided to have Monday as a complete rest day, then Tuesday I had a football game to play, although still aching I didn’t feel too bad during and afterwards. Wednesday I then went gym and working on some core exercises and still was feeling good about myself, my legs weren’t aching as much and I felt that I was ready to hit the roads again. I went for a little 2 miles around the block on the Saturday and thought I would hit a long run on the Sunday.

Sunday came, I prepared for another half marathon. I ate well, I took some gels with me, I stretched, I had a good sleep the night before. I felt good. I got out and felt horrific. My body felt like it was starting from scratch again. I felt like I did when I first started training. I got tired very quick and my knees really didn’t like me. I really struggled, and I managed 5.5miles.


I was really disappointed. It was the first time I have thought, I am not going to be able to finish this marathon. I felt as if I had lost about 3/4 months of fitness. I gave myself 2 days rest after Sunday. Mainly as a mental rest as well as a physical rest. So take 2, Wednesday 8th April, I again, slept well, ate well, got all my running stuff together to attempt another Long run! [I also bought a belt to hold all my stuff, so don’t use my hands, SOOO WORTH IT!!]. I went with the aim of trying to just push through to 8-9 miles. It was a lovely day so I wasn’t complaining about being cold. I ran through the forest initially and got to about 8 miles, then my worst nightmare!! My ankle and knee [left side] started feeling very  weak and tad painful. I thought I would have to stop, I managed to push through the pain and at 9 miles I ran out of drink. I then was at 10miles with a very painful knee. I decided in my head I am going to be determined to get to 13.1 miles even if I walk a lot of the remaining 3.1 miles. I took it a mile at a time and got to around 12 miles were my knee was seriously hurting. I decided to walk a fair bit of mile 13, with the odd jog in-between walking. I made it! another half marathon!


It was 10 mins slower than my colchester half but I made it, the time did not matter to me at all. For about an hour after finishing my body hurt. Massively more than the colchester half. Today I feel ok, a tad achy but in general all good. I am deciding to take a good few days rest to recover this time, I have realised that my body needs a bit more time to recover than I think it does. The last 10 days have been a roller coaster, but I have ended up on a high again. The feeling of finishing that 13.1 miles really has boosted my confidence again. I have just over 7 weeks now to slowly increase the mileage before the important full marathon! Heres to the next roller coaster ride!

Marathon Training // Colchester Half Marathon – 29th March 


Right where do I start? Sunday was my first half marathon. The weeks preparation was horrific. I had done little to none in terms of training. My work was keeping my up till early hours along with early rises and Saturday the record label had a stall at old spitalfields market all day so I was standing up literally for 10 hours straight. 

Anyway, Sunday morning came and it was another early rise. The weather was rubbish. Raining and wind! Could it be any worse? I also foolishly enough decided to wear a hoodie for the run. Though not getting overly hot, it did soak up so much water. Which I didn’t realise how heavy it was until I took it off after the race had finished. 

The race was pretty organised. It had free parking at the stadium and even though the queue seemed long it didn’t take long to get parked up. 

The start was pretty packed. Which is a given and I was literally right near the back of the pack to start! 


When we started it was probably for the best I was at the back as it forced me to start slow and pace myself. Even though I was aiming for 10minute miles (2:11 finish time) I wasn’t really fussed at my finish time, more the fact of finishing. I felt rubbish and tired so knew it wasn’t going to be nice. 

I had a few gels on me and decided to take one straight away so I could perk up. The first 3 miles were great (even with a massive hill at mile 2). Running through the town and getting cheered on the way. It was around mile 5 where it started to drag for me. We were running on country roads, no one about and not much to see other than fields and runners. It stayed like this till pretty much the last 300 meters. I think that didn’t help me mentally. Also no headphones was a bit of a mental challenge for me as I can zone out with music. In terms of physical fitness I felt ok till around mile 10. I hit a bit of a wall and my ankle felt really tight. At this point I was on for the 10 minute miles, but the final 3 miles I lost 6 minutes on my pace. The final 300 meters were excellent. Big crowd, sudden burst of energy and a good atmosphere. Along with the amazing feeling of finishing the thing. My final time was 2:17 and I am pleased with that! 

After you cross the line you get given your medal! It’s a good’n and weighs a tonne.  

You also got a t shirt and goody bag with some much needed food and drink. 

Overall I am happy with it! I really enjoyed it in the end. 9 weeks now till the real thing so need to kick on!  

Marathon Training // March 28th 


sorry for lack of posting on here of recent. It’s been a very busy week and half for me and the training suffered a bit. I had hit the gym a couple of times after the last post (17th March) and also achieved these runs in my build up to my half marathon (Colchester half marathon 29th March). I went for a 5 mile run on Monday (23rd)


The run felt ok. I didn’t push myself too much as I used this as a little recovery/ light run for the build up to the half marathon. Thursday I then went out again for an even smaller run 


I covered 3 miles and felt awful. The whole week work had been keeping me up till early hours of the morning and early rises.  This wasn’t helping my prep for Sunday. I will put a full post on how the half marathon went. 


Marathon Training // 17th March


My next run after that 10miler at the weekend! I still didn’t feel fully recovered but used this as a recovery type run. I decided to hit around 40mins. By the end my run my ankle was sore and I felt right in my calfs! I still managed sub 40mins for 4 miles which I am happy with. I hopefully am going to try Beaty 10miles this weekend dependant on how tired I am. I have a super busy weekend and guessing I am not going to get much rest so might be too tired to attempt a 10+ miler. The following weekend is the half marathon so will be tough. I  not looking forward to that at all. Wish me luck !

Marathon Training // Crisis!


So if you have been following me of late, you will know that I am training for the Edinburgh Marathon! Which is on 31st May. I got a place without a sponsor around November time. After a little thought I decided I wanted to raise some money doing this for Crisis. I have no target to reach, so no stress there, but I am trying to raise as much as I can for the Crisis fund. They do a lot to keep people off the streets. It’s mad how much money we raise for other countries but we won’t put the money in to help our country. I’m not saying we shouldn’t help other countries out in need, as we definitely should. But when we have the starving and homeless in our own communities I can’t see how we don’t step up. I, like most people in the UK forget how lucky we are to have shelter and 3 meals a day. So I thought I would try raise some cash for the good guys who try stop the poverty in our own country “Crisis”. 

I never contacted them, I just set up a just giving page ( ) to try raise a little bit of cash for them. They contacted me via my email ( I am guessing through just giving ) and have sent me out a vest to wear on the day! Pretty chuffed to receive it yesterday. 

So hopefully I can raise a few more pennies for Crisis before the big day and make it all the worth while to go through this pain. 

Can’t wait ;) 

If you do have any spare cash. However little. It would be great to see a donation HERE