Edinburgh Marathon Training update // Injury Update

So.. If you read my last post you would have seen I picked up a slightly annoying and weird injury. Quick recap! I went for a run on Monday, Tuesday morning felt fine, then my foot started to hurt after about an hour of being at work. I am going to guess its over use related, but I also think my trainers aren’t doing me any favours. I have quiet a flat arch and I feel this could be the problem. Anyways, I rested and missed yesterdays run as it wasn’t feeling any better. Today it feels a lot better, but I still feel alot of pain every now and then. It feels like it almost clicks but not like a bone click [If that makes any sense whatsoever]. I have decided to see how it is tomorrow to see if I do another run this week. I won’t be running tomorrow thats for sure and it may be worth waiting till maybe Monday for my next run.

I am going to look at getting some better trainers next pay day, and hopefully that will be the end of that problem :)

Edinburgh Marathon Training Day 3

So Monday I went on my 3rd run of my marathon training. I managed to cover more distance than the previous 2 runs in also an hour time frame which is great. It shows I am improving with every run. I feel physically and mentally in better shape with every run and I am excited to see where I will be at in a few months time. It was a similar route to the other 2 runs, this time not quick bursts like run 2, but more constant pacing like run 1. I managed a lot fewer stops which is why my distance is improving as those stops are becoming less and less frequent and I am also pushing on through the hills, just one problem though.

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling fine, a little achey but nothing out of the ordinary. I went to work fine and then about an hour of being on my feet, my left foot just suddenly was in agony and its been like that since. I haven’t done anything to it. All I can think of is over working too soon. It was strange that it wasn’t hurting when I first got up and for the first part of work. This morning it is definitely still there. I am going to give myself a couple days rest to see if that helps, so no run tonight :( . Gutted! I didn’t really want to stop my rhythm. I guess its best to slow down now and not get a worse injury later down the line.

Has anyone else had this problem before? The pain is like between the inside of my arch and under my ankle bone. Maybe its my trainers? But I have never had this problem before.

Oh well, I will keep you updated on my rest and let you know when my next run will be. Below is my Nike running app screen shots.


Thanks again all!


Saturday 18th October // Man City Vs Spurs

So all. If you do know me. You will know I’m a massive lover of music, travelling and FOOTBALL!! Well yesterday I went to see my Spurs! At the Etihad stadium,Manchester. I went along with a good friend who is a man city season ticket holder. So for starters I was in the city end! This didn’t hinder the day at all! I loved it. Even if the result was disappointing the performance wasn’t the worst I’ve seen this season. The teams were mainly separated by the gulf between Aguero and Soldado. I actually thought Soldado played one of his better games and he was still majorly un influential. Other than set up Erikssons goal, miss a penalty and force hart in to a good save a minute or so after the penalty miss he didn’t do enough. I thought we looked tired and wasn’t pressing to the intensity that Pottechino would have wanted.

Again certain points in the game were vital turning points in the progression of the game. Masons miss, man city’s 1st pen I thought was a bit harsh. Our penalty miss (even though I don’t think it was a penalty, it was outside the box) and the sending off ( which I think probably was a sending off). Any of those go our way an we could have potentially got something from the game. Needless to say, man city as usual are ruthless going forward and our defence tends to be easy to roll over.

Anyway ignoring the game. The day as a whole was great. The stadium is awesome, the surroundings are awesome and overall the man city fans are great. Most of the people around me knew I was a Spurs fan, but didn’t cause me any grief or made me feel uncomfortable. No one even battered an eyelid when I accidentally cheered when we scored ;).

Was great to tick another stadium off my list.



Edinburgh Marathon training #day2

So Friday I took to the streets to do my 2nd run of my training programme. I was still feeling a little tight and achey from my first run. I didn’t eat massively well during the day with a sausage in a roll for breakfast and a chicken tikka baguette for lunch. I hit the streets again for another hour and it felt a lot tougher than Wednesdays run. I really struggle with going up the hills at the minute.

I also ran a bit different, I did a lot more stops for less time but I also ran a lot faster and over the hour I did run 650m more so was happy I managed to improve even though I didn’t feel as good.

I also changed my nike app to show in miles rather than KM.


5.35miles. I am pretty happy with my start at the moment. I am going to keep the 1hour runs going on Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays for a few weeks then I am going to start upping the length of run.

My next run is Monday so the 2 day rest over the weekend should be beneficially to Monday’s run. BRING ON MONDAY ;)

Edinburgh Marathon Training #Day 1

Edinburgh Marathon Festival Training

So it has been a very long time since I posted on this Blog. I have decided to re vamp this blog with post of my previous travels and also posts on my updates towards the Edinburgh Marathon 2015 [May 31st] and everything else in my life at the moment.

I started training for the Edinburgh Marathon as of yesterday [October 15th 2014].

I haven’t done any form of proper exercise in a good while now so I am starting this training as a complete beginner. I would say I am a tad overweight, but healthy and a non-smoker, but I do drink a bit and eat a little on the naughty side. My aim from now till the marathon is to update you with my progress and what I have been doing. I am going to try to live a healthy lifestyle in regards to eating and (Especially) drinking. It is going to be hard with Christmas coming up but I am determined. Obviously I will have the odd bad day in the run up to Christmas but after my birthday [5th January] I am looking to hit the dietary side of things really hard.

So yesterday was Day 1 of Training “Officially”. It has been 5 days now since my Edinburgh application got approved. I was unsuccessful in my London Marathon Ballot entry. I received the letter of the news with an additional note saying that I could a get guaranteed place on the Edinburgh marathon with this failed ballot attempt. So I thought, ‘Why not?’. I have always wanted to do a marathon so what better time than now ay?

I applied, paid the fees and got instant approval. I currently am just a runner with no charity in place to raise for, as I have paid for my own spot at the marathon. I don’t necessarily need to raise anything, but I am going to have a little think over the coming weeks as to what I feel I could and want to raise for a charity that actually appeals to me.

I decided to base my running programme around the 16 week beginners plan in the Marathon Runners magazine, but adapt it to fit my needs.

The first 4 weeks of the programme is a lot of walking and running, keeping you out on your feet for around 1-2 hours. I decided to make my first run an hour.Running as much as possible but walking when necessary. I have an iPhone and have the Nike Running app, plus Lark installed on my phone to monitor my runs.

Where I live is very hilly so a lot of the walking was up hill.

I took a run through the forest and eventually done 5miles [8Km] in 1 hour. I took it slowly as I want to build up my knees and lower back, as I do tend to struggle with those after long periods of exercise.

EMF Training - Run 1
EMF Training – Run 1

Overall the run went well. Today I feel a little achey around the knees and legs but overall I feel good. I am looking at going out for runs 3 times a week and have a couple of core/strength sessions in between. So the next run will be tomorrow! Keep a look out :D

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Potosi Mine Tours

Right, I havent posted on here for a while, and i do apologise. I been tied up in a new job, had a foot operation etc… etc.. I wont blabber on :)

So.. we went to the highest city in the world POTOSI!!! situated in Bolivia of course :)

We saw a leflet for a guided mine tour. The mine was still in operation and an English speaking ex-miner was our tour. We had heard of these tours previously and heard mixed reviews, it was one of those “you’ve got to do it, but will never do it again” sort of sayings.

So morning came, we got on a coach and drove even FURTHER up, hitting past 4500 metres above sea level, you can feel the altitude starting to take effect. I opted to go for what the locals go for and buy some coco leaves to chew. So the coach pulled over and we went in to this deserted looking building, where we were given our protective clothing, helmets with a flash light on top and some wellies. After here we went to a market round the corner. This market was the miners market, here we had to buy the miners gifts to give them later whilst we were in the mines. No one disagreed as we guess this was a little price to pay for the type of work they do (and also given the chilien miners situation, it could be what they live off if they get stuck). We went to the markets and they were pretty shocking to say the least. The first stall was were we got sticks of Dynamite. The guide bought all the necessary parts and showed us how it all works, the TNT, the detonator etc… as you can see in the pictures they let me smoke a TNT (we learnt these will not explode when alight unless there is a detonator involved :) ) we all paid for the necessary parts (4 in total) and this merely came to £2. You also did not need any proof or was there any age limit to buy this dynamite, its was purely there to buy from anyone, like a chocolate bar.

The next stall had a massive bag of coco leaves outside and was selling, bags of coco leaves, coco cigarettes, juice and alcohol. The alcohol was 96% Vol. (thats 192 proof) it was ridiculous. I managed to get a bottle for myself also which i managed to get in to New Zealand and Australia to use as a good social ice breaker :) .

So after the market we had a bag each full of goodies. Mine contained 4 bags of coco leaves, 2 sets of dynamite, a bottle of alcohol, bottle of juice and a pack of coco cigarettes. All of this didnt even touch £10. We got back in to van and drove even FURTHER up the hill until we came to the mines. There was a tiny entrance to the mine, and when they told us we were going through that way, you saw a lot of worried faces. So off we went through this tiny pitch black hold, with tracks running through it for the carriages you see in the “indiana jones” type movies.

To get around in the mines you needed to crouch quiet low, the gap was about 5ft high and 5 ft wide, there were pipes running on the ceiling which meant you had to crouch even lower, then also not to mention the helmet and light on your head. Basically you had to crouch really low.

It was Pitch black inside, there was dust everywhere and you could hear explosions deep in to the mine. Every so often you would have to move to the side and allow miners to run out pushing a cart full of rock, which are very heavy, we went past a part of the track which had broke and it took about 5 of us to move it back on the rails, the guide said the carts hold a ton of rock. The deeper we went in to the mine, the hotter it got and the more the altitude effected your breathing.

We then got taken to a section of the mine which was like an underground cemetry, but what was in there was a statue of the devil. These miners worshiped the devil, the statue was covered in gifts of coco leaves and small bottles of alcohol. They believed these gifts would prevent them from harm within the mines. It was quiet a strange experience, the guide told us that they believe if anyone thinks or speaks about god, heaven etc… then the mines would swallow them up.

After here we went deeper in to the mine and come across a massive hole in the ground. This hole was probably 75metres deep, and was used to bring stock from the lower parts of the mine up to the top. they would walk of thin planks of wood over these holes, so could easily fall down if one of these broke or had a misplaced step.

We carried on through the mine and met some miners, they were very grateful of our gifts and we had pictures taken with them. They then offered us to sit down with them and share some alcohol and juice with them. You had to take the alcohol in your left hand, then give some drink to the mother earth (patcha mama – not sure of the spelling) then drink it, if you didn’t do this you had to drink again and you do not want to be drinking this stuff again, it is lethal!

We then left the miners and headed out of the mines. I then knew the meaning of “you’ve got to do it, but will never do it again”. The experience was amazing, but was also distrubing. The mines were so cramped, small, dark, dusty and hot. There were explosions going off everywhere, so you never knew actually how safe you were in there, even though our tour guide was amazing and made us feel safe, actually being safe was a different story.

When we got out of the mine, we still had a dynamite left in our bag so the guide put all the necessary pieces together and lit a fuse that lasted about a minute. We then had pictures taking with the alit dynamite, when it was near to the end he took it and put it away to explode. This was incredible! I filmed the explosion but this does not do the noise justice!

At the end of the day the tour was incredible, I would advise to do it. If you are very claustrophobia then it maybe advisable to give this one a miss. If not, definately hit it up, its great!!!

Enjoy the photos!


Few Pictures of Bolivia

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Here I am posting a few random pictures of Bolivia. There will be loads more to come but these are random pictures I have found on my hard drive from various locations. Soon to come will be some travel reviews and travel locations I visited!! Hope you enjoy these Pictures :)