2 more runs over the weekend!

So over the weekend I decided to go for a couple of runs. Saturday I went in the forest and went for a 3mile run. The weather was ok, but floor was wet, lots of mud puddles that suck up your whole foot! Was also very hilly! But was a lot of fun, again felt good. Only still Going for half hour runs at the moment to get my feet used to the inner soles and also to strengthen up the lower back and the quads to helps knees.


Sunday I decided whilst I felt ok to go for another 30 minute run. This time covered 2.79m and ran on the road. Also like the forest was a few hills. After the run I started to get a little achey in the lower back. So today (Monday) I have decided to take a rest.
It looks like I am getting used to going for more runs now and I am determined not to get another set back so I am going to take it easy. The 16 week plan I have scheduled for the Edinburgh marathon doesn’t start for another 83 days so gonna use those days as a warm up and get used to running multiple days in a row.


Next run probably tomorrow. ;)

First run back after injury.

So I went for my first run back after my 2 week injury layoff. I decided I am going to ease slowly back In to it with a few half hour runs. I went for 28mins today. Covering 2.44km. The cold air really makes a difference. As well as the slippery leaves and the darkness (there’s hardly any street lighting near me). It’s crazy to think 2 weeks ago when I was running it was Nothing like this. Temperatures dropped, leaves have fallen and clocks have changed so gets dark super quick!
Anyways other than the cold on my chest I felt ok. Foot felt fine, back was ok, not 100% but ok. Hopefully these inner soles are working. I am going to go for a few more half hour runs an slowly progress back up to an hour. See how that pans out.



Injury Update / Marathon Training.

So there’s 200 days till the Edinburgh marathon so I still have plenty of training time still left. The last couple weeks haven’t been great and have set me back only a small bit. I was struggling with my sole of my foot which I believe was due to my feet having sunken arches. It causes pain in my lower back, knees, ankles the lot. I decided to have a couple weeks off an try these new inner soles I have purchased off of Amazon. They are vionic Innersoles. I don’t know how great they are working yet , but I know my foot feels better and I feel ready to hit the road again. I suppose this will be the real test of how the soles are. Wearing them I still haven’t fully got used to them and when I put my shoes on first thing in the morning, I feel as if I have something stuck in my shoe.
I am going to go out tonight for a small run. Maybe around 30-45 minutes depending on aches pains etc. Hopefully I am free of these and can continue with the training for the marathon.
Anyone else started training yet? Is it anyone else’s first marathon? Any form of advice, tips and tricks would of be greatly appreciated.
I will post again tomorrow with an update on how my run tonight goes.

Thanks again!!

Edinburgh Marathon Training update // Injury Update

So.. If you read my last post you would have seen I picked up a slightly annoying and weird injury. Quick recap! I went for a run on Monday, Tuesday morning felt fine, then my foot started to hurt after about an hour of being at work. I am going to guess its over use related, but I also think my trainers aren’t doing me any favours. I have quiet a flat arch and I feel this could be the problem. Anyways, I rested and missed yesterdays run as it wasn’t feeling any better. Today it feels a lot better, but I still feel alot of┬ápain every now and then. It feels like it almost clicks but not like a bone click [If that makes any sense whatsoever]. I have decided to see how it is tomorrow to see if I do another run this week. I won’t be running tomorrow thats for sure and it may be worth waiting till maybe Monday for my next run.

I am going to look at getting some better trainers next pay day, and hopefully that will be the end of that problem :)

Edinburgh Marathon Training Day 3

So Monday I went on my 3rd run of my marathon training. I managed to cover more distance than the previous 2 runs in also an hour time frame which is great. It shows I am improving with every run. I feel physically and mentally in better shape with every run and I am excited to see where I will be at in a few months time. It was a similar route to the other 2 runs, this time not quick bursts like run 2, but more constant pacing like run 1. I managed a lot fewer stops which is why my distance is improving as those stops are becoming less and less frequent and I am also pushing on through the hills, just one problem though.

Tuesday morning I woke up feeling fine, a little achey but nothing out of the ordinary. I went to work fine and then about an hour of being on my feet, my left foot just suddenly was in agony and its been like that since. I haven’t done anything to it. All I can think of is over working too soon. It was strange that it wasn’t hurting when I first got up and for the first part of work. This morning it is definitely still there. I am going to give myself a couple days rest to see if that helps, so no run tonight :( . Gutted! I didn’t really want to stop my rhythm. I guess its best to slow down now and not get a worse injury later down the line.

Has anyone else had this problem before? The pain is like between the inside of my arch and under my ankle bone. Maybe its my trainers? But I have never had this problem before.

Oh well, I will keep you updated on my rest and let you know when my next run will be. Below is my Nike running app screen shots.


Thanks again all!


Saturday 18th October // Man City Vs Spurs

So all. If you do know me. You will know I’m a massive lover of music, travelling and FOOTBALL!! Well yesterday I went to see my Spurs! At the Etihad stadium,Manchester. I went along with a good friend who is a man city season ticket holder. So for starters I was in the city end! This didn’t hinder the day at all! I loved it. Even if the result was disappointing the performance wasn’t the worst I’ve seen this season. The teams were mainly separated by the gulf between Aguero and Soldado. I actually thought Soldado played one of his better games and he was still majorly un influential. Other than set up Erikssons goal, miss a penalty and force hart in to a good save a minute or so after the penalty miss he didn’t do enough. I thought we looked tired and wasn’t pressing to the intensity that Pottechino would have wanted.

Again certain points in the game were vital turning points in the progression of the game. Masons miss, man city’s 1st pen I thought was a bit harsh. Our penalty miss (even though I don’t think it was a penalty, it was outside the box) and the sending off ( which I think probably was a sending off). Any of those go our way an we could have potentially got something from the game. Needless to say, man city as usual are ruthless going forward and our defence tends to be easy to roll over.

Anyway ignoring the game. The day as a whole was great. The stadium is awesome, the surroundings are awesome and overall the man city fans are great. Most of the people around me knew I was a Spurs fan, but didn’t cause me any grief or made me feel uncomfortable. No one even battered an eyelid when I accidentally cheered when we scored ;).

Was great to tick another stadium off my list.